Basic checks

The basis for all optimisation is transparency. Our basic checks analyse selected topics in a structured manner. Experience shows: all customers demonstrate considerable savings potential. Mostly even with simple measures, not requiring investments.


Therefore, we offer several basic checks with a simple performance promise:

No savings? No invoice!



Our checks pay-off

The basic checks marked with an asterisk cost customers with electricity requirements exceeding 1 GWh at the most as much as can be saved in a year using the proposed technically feasible and economically sensible measures, limited to a package-specific fixed price. The details are arranged in your individual offer.
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Technical equipping of buildings

  • Heat generation/distribution*
  • Cold generation/distribution*
  • Steam generation/network*
  • Compressed air generation/network*
  • Building control systems*
  • Processes
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Heat recovery
  • ...

Energy efficiency

  • Cost allocation and charges*
  • Purchasing
  • Registration duties

Organisation processes

  • Technical operations management
  • Fault management

Combined heat and power (CHP

  • CHP commercial processes
  • Technical processes

Typical course

  • • Local inspection (as required additional measurements)
  • Data analysis
  • Local presentation of results


  • The basic check creates transparency, shows savings potential, perspectives and action required
  • It provides the basis for feasibility studies for alternative technology and energy concepts
Manuel Fath


Manuel Fath

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Thomas Maintz


Thomas Maintz

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