Integration test across different trades

We regularly establish significant deficiencies in the operation of state-of-the-art systems in energy audits. Often, the cause is a lack of coordination between the different systems or the integration of new systems technology in old consumer structures and networks.


A cheap, interdisciplinary integration test on commissioning saves a lot of trouble and long lists of deficiencies for which the individual discipline often cannot be deemed responsible.

Initial situation

Nowadays, the commissioning of individual components per manufacturer is normal. Under practical operation, problems frequently arise from the systems, e.g. the wrong temperatures or water quantities. No error can be found on the respective individual components. An interdisciplinary test reveals weaknesses and proves combined functioning. With just a little extra work, independent of the timing of commissioning, seasonal or process-related differences in the operating cases can be simulated.

How is that done practically?

An Etanomics Service GmbH expert manages the integration test with the implementing companies. The focus is placed on the joining discipline for building automation. Dependent on the property size, this takes 2-4 days on-site before final approval after commissioning.

The result of the integration test with a list of the pending work and optimisation proposals saves long lists of faults and operational errors. That provides an optimum basis for subsequent efficient monitoring.

Dr.-Ing./ M.Sc.  Timm Rössel


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