Optimisation without investment


If our initial consultancy with a savings guarantee (see energy compass and basic checks) recognises reliable potential within your company, we accompany with the experience of our company group's works as well as many successful external projects when implementing the measures. From practice for practice.

Implementation of non-intense measures

Base load

Are you aware of your base load requirements outside your value-adding operating hours for electricity, heat and further energy?

Our load profile analysis shows this fast and transparently. Its unique analysis methods provide reliable information pertaining to the extent of the savings potential

In order to reduce the energy costs outside the value-adding operating hours to the necessary minimum, the responsible consumers are identified using targeted measurement. Following this, organisational and technical optimisation measures are derived and implemented.

The base load outside regular value-adding operating hours can be regularly reduced by more than 50%, as proven by several successfully implemented projects.

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Load peaks

Do you know your risk potential resulting from electricity and gas load peaks?

High electricity and gas load peaks are expensive. Directly via the service prices in the grid payments, indirectly high load peaks indicate the existence of improvement opportunities in the operational processes and control systems

With our analysis, we isolate the relevant consumption areas fast and reveal the causes of load peaks in a focussed manner. Following this, organisational and technical optimisation measures are derived and implemented.

The optimisation potential identified here often considerably exceeds the direct savings from reduction of the load.


Efficient energy distribution forms the basis for minimum energy costs. This is equally applicable for new and existing systems. Transparency in the energy distribution infrastructure forms the basis for optimised system operation as well as the decision basis for alternative solutions.

We check your system, derive optimisation potential and implement it jointly with you.

Building control systems

Building control systems are the brain of your energy infrastructure. We regularly establish significant deficiencies in the operation of state-of-the-art systems in energy audits. Often, the cause is a lack of coordination between the different systems or the integration of new systems technology in old consumer structures and networks.

We test whether your building automation has an optimised function within the overall network. Independent of the point in time of the analysis, seasonal or process-related differences are simulated within the operating cases and the current operation is adjusted to real requirements.

Energy purchasing

Currently, most companies source electricity and gas as classical full supplies with annual or two-year contracts. Here, the locations of different group companies are bundled for sourcing purposes. Etanomics offers the regularly required offer requests, comparisons and decision templates for this. We continuously evaluate further location bundling and establish the processes for this as required. In addition to classical full supplies, potential from structured sourcing and other sourcing strategies is evaluated in comparison and introduced.

Structured energy sourcing has become established within the market. It primarily reduces the risks of classical full supplies and uses the opportunities of changed market prices. Within the scope of comparative tenders, we test the extent of resulting savings potential for you.

Cost allocation and charges

Energy prices consist mainly of cost allocations and charges. Each strain offers derogations and exoneration facts, which, if all conditions are fulfilled, can lead to substantial savings.

We review all actual reductions and discharges for completeness. If the requirements for further discharges are already fulfilled or can be fulfilled with simple measures, we qualify the potential and support you through the implementation.


The most important discharge possibilities are:

  • §§ 9a, 9b, 9, 10 electricity tax

  • §§ 51, 53, 54, 55 energy tax

  • Individual network charges based on §19 network charges ordinance

  • EEG hardship provision

This are typical optimisations with high saving potential without investment needs. We are happy to discuss many more options in your context in a face-to-face meeting. Ask us!

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